Three essential application assistance for workers of gastronomy

Three essential application assistance for workers of gastronomy

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"The eye eats with" - they say in the hospitality industry.

And tell the Manager of a restaurant or hotel. This means that when applying for a job, your resume should look like "tasty". As an example, you would a unapetitlich-oriented plate not necessarily touch, or?

But do not worry!

Now we show you how you write a unablehnbare application.


As a first step...

You need to create your resume professional
ly. Many do it E.g. about Europass. Can you make, but it's better if you create your CV yourself.

To make your work easier, we have selected the best sources for you, where you can find sample CVS for the major sectors in the hospitality industry:

  • for chefs, restaurant specialist/women and sports men and women:
  • for service personnel:
    Take these patterns and customize them according to your experience, education, knowledge, etc.


The second step...

Now he should be nice and you have to mind much before sending out your application.

In the time of social media many HR watch almost always the applicant profile. Your Facebook tells much about you profile. Therefore, make sure, what images you have uploaded, what you post, so, etc. In this article ("application event social media") you'll find great tips on what you should pay attention.

Go to the article ===>>>

Also your CV must stand out from the crowd. Why? What do you think how many apply on a Stellenagebot? Believe me, quite a lot. The HR must struggle daily multiple applications. Therefore they rejoice, if an application has something new and creative in itself. How you can't create such an application?

It erfahrst you in this article ===>>> creative application: 6 small tricks that will amaze every HR:


Finally, our third tip as a summary...

More 7 great tips from experts who can bring you closer to your next job.
You can find the tips at this link ===>>>

Sooo... Now you should be ready to apply successfully to your future employer. 😉

Good luck and if you have questions we are at your disposal! :)


Your gastromatch team

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