Cooking – a desirable profession


The profession of the Cook should be included in the list of shortage occupations, Ingrid Hartges, the Chief Executive of DEHOGA said in an interview with focus on the current situation in the hospitality industry. She also said: "we have reminded so many times that. "But nothing's happening."

Many districts in Germany (such as the Black Forest, the Lake Constance or the Alps) suffer a shortage of skilled workers such as cooks or student. There are many more tourists and vacancies, job-seeking young people.

Hartges sees the solution in the employment and integration of asylum seekers. In your opinion you could exploit the employment opportunities/needs of gastronomy this.

Through their employment in the hospitality industry young people can more quickly learn the German language (both in dealing with colleagues and in everyday life). The gastronomy's the ideal industry because you are always with people.

You could say two pilots on a blow. The integration, the other one would be the filling of vacancies. An absolute win-win situation, for the catering industry as well as for the policy. To do this, the laws should be relaxed but to the asylum seekers to facilitate as soon as possible learn a trade and get a job.

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