FAQs employees

How high will be my wage?

The wage is equivalent to at least the German/Austrian wage.

Please see links below

-Collective agreements Germany

-Collective agreements Austria

You will receive accurate information on the wage after checking your documents from us.

Do I have accomodation?

We work exclusively with employers who provide staff accommodation available.

How high are the costs for the accomodation

The accommodation is either free, or will be deducted directly from wages. The exact costs vary depending on the employer, and will inform you of course advance.

What happens, if I don't like the job?

We recommend to meet always the existing employment contract or the periods of notice to comply. If this is not possible, we suggest more places.

Is it possible to mediate also my girl/boyfriend?

We are grateful for recommendations and we gladly mediate also your girl/boyfriend.

Do I have to introduce my profile online?

The online presentation considerably increases the chances of your mediation. Of course we also mediate you if you don't want to introduce yourself online.

How do I apply correctly?

Please use the following link for your application:

Please click here and apply now!

You can download a template for your curriculum vitae:

Download curriculum vitae