Terms and conditions for workers

§ 1 terms of mediation

 The recruiters undertakes the job-seekers, to assist in the search for a job and to present it to potential jobs.
Job placement by the recruiters is free for jobseekers.
The recruiters can not say that the mediation can be completed successfully.

§ 2 obligations of the personnel agent

 The recruiters undertakes the job-seekers, to assist in the search for a job.
These are all services that are required, in particular the establishment of contacts between Arbeitssuchendem and future potential employers to the preparation and conduct of the mediation, as well as captures the assessment of his knowledge and skills.
The job-seekers will be specifically noted that the recruiters can take no responsibility for:
  • the content of the employment contract which is concluded between the job seekers and potential employers
  • the effective implementation of the employment relationship in accordance with the contract of work, in particular for the absence of a cancellation during the employment relationship,
  • According to the law, tariff or employment contract provisions setting and during the implementation of the employment relationship. The potential employer has must undertake however compared to the recruiters, to comply with these provisions to the job seekers.
The job seekers receives the following information of the employer (according to job description) from the recruiters:
  • Jobs and job profile
  • Working hours/holidays
  • Monatsbruttoentgelt
  • Staff accommodation

§ 3 obligations of the job-seekers

 The job-seekers has the recruiters in the provision of its services to support. Therefore, it is particularly necessary that the job seekers as soon as possible information over his person and his knowledge and skills to the recruiters and shows.
These are in particular a current curriculum vitae with photograph, qualifications (diploma) and other evidence on the acquisition of professional skills, references of the last employer or about the last meaningful job. Qualifications and diplomas are to translate at own expense.
The sending of documents shall be made by E-Mail.
The job-seekers is obliged in principle not to believe of the proposed abroad.
If however, a sample work or even a beginning of work has been agreed with a potential employer and the workers would not perceive this appointment so he is obliged this the recruiters at least 48 hours before the start of the trial work day or employee email to communicate. Otherwise, the recruiters of the worker may demand compensation from the minor breach of duty - especially for futile expenses such as travel costs or time -.
The job-seekers should not use knowledge of the data of the potential employer to make direct contact, bypassing of labour mediator and has to keep confidential the data passed to it.
The job-seekers has the recruiters immediately but at the latest within a week to teach when he entered an employment relationship, which is not been mediated by the employment agencies, or a mediation for other reasons is no longer possible or desirable.

Article 4 conditions for collective and employment contracts

Potential employers committed to the recruiters searching each according to the terms of the applicable tariff and contracts to deal with the work accordingly to remunerate him in particular.
No collective agreement, be applicable, the employer of the procured person obligated a local and adequate remuneration within the meaning Section 612 subsection 2 to pay German civil code.

§ 5 setting as a skilled worker/acceptance of international qualifications

 Adjusted in accordance with the German standard of skilled worker, insofar as the respective qualifications are submitted.
If international job seekers from the EU or the EEA to be taught the employer accepted the respective qualifications, or Diplomas (certificates), according to German regulations, i.e. as far as these are comparable with the corresponding German certificates.
The qualifications/diplomas are translated by jobseekers on German and submitted by the recruiters.
Should a job seeker has falsified his records, the legal responsibility rests solely in the job seekers. The recruiters bears no legal responsibility for any incorrectly translated or fake diplomas (CV).

§ 6 staff accommodations

The employer provides employees staff accommodation.
The costs for the accommodation of the staff communicated the recruiters to advance.

§ 7 support administration & management

The employer is the concern, in relation to the recruiters
that the melde-social security and other provisions relating to the employment of the employee.
(Resident / bank account / health insurance / tax number, etc.)

Final provisions

Agreements that deviate from the present contract, must be in writing. The same applies to the amendment or revocation of this written form requirement.
Place of performance for all services arising from this contract is Constance. Constance is - also agreed as far as legally permissible – Court of jurisdiction.
Governing law for the interpretation of this agreement and all disputes related, is the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In the agency agreement, in particular the provisions of the civil code, as well as the legal basis for the recruitment are to be applied.
Should be wholly or partially null and void any provision of this agreement, this touches not the validity of the remaining provisions.
Takes the place of the invalid provision a legally allowed, which will largely meet the sense of the foregoing agreement.


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