Terms of use for employers

 § 1 terms of mediation catering/tourism

The recruiter gives a worker (mediated person) the employer successfully receives a fee dependent on the qualification of the procured person once the recruiters from the employer. The mediation is successful if a work contract is concluded between the employer and the referred person.
The remuneration amounts for:
  • Support staff € 500,00 net
    (Kitchen / dishwasher / maid, etc.)
  • Help service € 750.00 net
    (Commi de service / counter force / serving, etc.)
  • Service personnel € 1,250.00 net
    (Service / Barista / bartender etc.)
  • Kitchen staff €1.500,00 net
    (Chef de Partie, Entremetier, Saucier, Tournant, Commis de Cuisine, Patissier etc.)
  • Executives delegate € 1,750.00 net
    (Sous-chef / Head waiter / stv. Receive cable, etc.)
  • Executives € 2,000.00 net
    (Chef de cuisine / restaurant / bar management / reception line, etc.)
The remuneration is payable if the working relationship between employers and mediated person beyond the agreed trial period.
A trial period is agreed by over 14 days between the working parties, a trial period of 14 days is considered in the relationship between employers and recruiters in the meaning of the preceding sentence nonetheless agreed, i.e. the remuneration is of 14 expiry. Day due (the period begins with the first day of the test).
Exclusively for executives (incl. tax) Executives delegate) a trial period of 30 days is considered to be agreed and the remuneration will be upon the expiry of the 30. Day due (the period begins with the first day of the test).
Ending the employment relationship before (irrespective of the legal reason), so no compensation entitled to the recruiters.
The payment is in all cases within five days after receipt of the invoice.
The employer is obliged to transfer the payment to the specified bank account.
The personal intermediary service is free of charge for the mediated person.


Section 2 conditions for collective and employment contracts

2.1 the employer is obliged to deal with accordingly to remunerate him in particular who mediated respectively according to the terms of the applicable tariffs and contracts of employment.
No collective agreement, be applicable, the employer of the procured person obligated a local and adequate remuneration within the meaning Section 612 subsection 2 to pay German civil code.
2.2 mediated person receives the following information of the employer (according to job description) from the recruiters:
  • Jobs and job profile
  • Working hours / holidays
  • Monatsbruttoentgelt
  • Costs of personnel accommodation


Article 3 setting as a skilled worker/acceptance of international qualifications

The adjustment is made according to the standard of the skilled worker insofar as the respective qualifications are submitted. If international workers from EU or EEA to be taught the employer accepted the respective qualifications, or Diplomas (certificates), in accordance with the statutory provisions, i.e. as far as these are comparable with the corresponding certificates.
If an employee falsified his records or mistranslated, the legal responsibility rests solely with the employee. The recruiters bears no legal responsibility for any incorrectly translated or fake diplomas (CV).

Section 4 support administration & management

In relation to the recruiters, the employer is the care that the melde-social security and other provisions relating to the employment of the employee.
(Resident / bank account / health insurance / tax number, etc.)


§ 5 staff accommodations

The employer provides employees staff accommodation.
The costs for the accommodation of the staff communicated the recruiters to advance.


 § 6 limitation of liability

The recruiters assumes no liability for any damage to property, persons or damages caused by the workers in the context of his employment relationship with the employer. He is not involved in the contractual relationship between employers and workers, in particular of workers is not a vicarious agent of the personal intermediary.

§ 7 subsequent successful mediation

An operator shall also apply as successful i.S.d. § 1, if the employer established a working relationship with one of the persons proposed by him, within 12 months after the date at which that person has been proposed him.
The employer undertakes to inform the recruiters promptly - no later than on concrete demand -, that or whether he has established a working relationship with a person proposed by the recruiters within the stated period.


Final provisions

Agreements that deviate from the present contract, must be in writing. The same applies to the amendment or revocation of this written form requirement.
Place of performance for all services arising from this contract is Constance. Constance is - also agreed as far as legally permissible – Court of jurisdiction.
Governing law for the interpretation of this agreement and all disputes related, is the right of the Federal Republic of Germany.
In the agency agreement, in particular the provisions of the civil code, as well as the legal basis for the recruitment are to be applied.
Should be wholly or partially null and void any provision of this agreement, this touches not the validity of the remaining provisions.
Takes the place of the invalid provision a legally allowed, which will largely meet the sense of the foregoing agreement.


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